Official Tours provides Walking Tours with an Official Guide to the most characteristic, rich and enjoyable places in Porto. Let yourself be amazed by the fun and the learning which Porto can provide with its own history and culture, during day and night time.

WALK IN PORTO (4 hours)

Tour starting with the historical São Bento Train Station as the meeting point, passing by the Cathedral from the XIIth century, Santa Catarina street the commercial area, the Clérigos Tower ex-libris of the city, Lello Library one of the most beautiful bookshop in the world, through the most typical streets and markets in the city, without forgetting Infante square and Ribeira the most touristic area, and we finish with the Port Wine Cellars where we can taste. The perfect tour, where you can see in a few hours all the city and learn about his history and culture. Tour led by an official Guide.

4H Walking Tours beginning in São Bento train Station at 9h30 or 14h30. 


A 4 hours walking tour led by an Official Guide visiting the city with its most emblematic monuments like Sao Bento train station, Cathedral, Lello bookshop, Tower of Clerigos – landmark of the city - Liberdade Square and the medieval alleys of the area classified by Unesco, Infante Square, Ribeira, D.Luis Bridge.

This City Tour allows you to visit the two most important monuments: the Stock Exchange Palace (Palácio da Bolsa) with its wonderful rooms and the Church of San Francisco and his baroque decoration.


To know a country and his people you have to know its food. Explore the rich tapestry of Portugal’s food visiting the colorful open-air market with gorgeous local products and genuine people. Our food tour take you way beyond the usual tourist experience to get to know the real Portugal – tasting, smelling, going into the oldest taverns of the city with his local customers, the oldest shops with all the regional products of Portugal. Come to visit Porto in its more genuine side.

Taverns with several and different tastings – “petiscos” like pataniscas de bacalhau, bolinhos, punheta, specialties of Pork mixed dishes: Tripas, morcela, buchos, rojões and wine!

Minimum of 4 people required for this tour. 


Embark on a 4h guided walking tour and culinary adventure. Visit the local market, learn everything about the products and the local business owners that share their stories of food and culture. All tours are led by a local and official guide that will share with you all the secrets of the Portuguese Food. Learn how Portugal was influenced by discoveries and how our country influenced the world food history. You’ll enjoy food and drink while getting a taste of the Portuguese history and culture.

Our tour provides you a unique opportunity to experience local flavors while you learn how to do it. What is Bacalhau? how to cook it? Do it yourself and eat. Learn Portuguese traditional recipes and the technique to make it (caldo verde the most traditional soup, bacalhau or codfish different ways to cook it, francesinha, pasteis de nata the most famous and delicious pastry we have). Taste, smell, cook, touch and learn how to create delicious, authentic Portuguese dishes yourself.

Minimum of 4 people required for this tour.

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